20% discount off the list price for all ZymoPURE branded products


The company BioLabTech, LTD together with Zymo Research announces 20% discount off the list price for all ZymoPURE branded products (kits for plasmid DNA isolation).

Offers are valid to December 31st, 2018.

Simplifying and speeding up the DNA/RNA isolation process has been the company's primary focus. ZymoPURE II Plasmid Isolation kits provide the fastest and simplest method available to efficiently isolate transfection quality plasmid DNA from E. coli. The ZymoPURE™ Plasmid Midiprep kit features a spin column-based method for the purification of up to 400 µg of high-quality plasmid DNA in less than 18 minutes. The eluted plasmid DNA is ready for immediate use, avoiding the need for subsequent precipitation steps.

ZymoPURE II technology uses a modified alkaline lysis method and features novel binding chemistry that yields highly concentrated plasmid DNA (up to 3 µg/µl) directly from a spin column. The wash regimen has been optimized to ensure the plasmid DNA is free of endotoxins, salt, protein, and RNA resulting in plasmid DNA suitable for sensitive applications including transfection, plasmid-mediated gene silencing, cloning, and sequencing.

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