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As an innovator in reagents and tools, we provide the research and clinical communities with tools and scientific support. We offer highly validated biological binders and assays to address important targets in critical biological pathways. Already a pioneer in data sharing and ecommerce in the life sciences, our ambition is to be the most influential company in life sciences by helping advance global understanding of biology and causes of disease, which, in turn, will drive new treatments and improved health. While we’ve evolved over the years to become a leading provider of life science research tools, our ethos remains the same as it was in 1998: helping scientists make breakthroughs faster by providing the highest quality reagents.

iPSC reprogramming

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iPSCs can be induced by forcing somatic cells to express transcription factors associated with pluripotency eg Oct4, Klf4, Sox2, cMyc, etc (Takahashi et al., 2006). Many different methods have been successfully used to express different combinations of these pluripotency factors resulting in effectively reprogrammed iPSCs.

PSC maintenance

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To keep your PSCs in a pluripotent state it is important to handle them with care. PSCs require strict culture media and passaging to keep them healthy and undifferentiated. The two culture systems commonly used for PSCs are either feeder-dependent or feeder-free culture systems.

PSCs Differentiation

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ue to the pluripotent nature of PSCs they have the potential to differentiate into any cell type from neural cells to cardiomyocytes. This differentiation can be done simply using a cocktail of different biochemicals and growth factors.

Abcam's assay kits, reagents and antibodies

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Assay kits, reagents and antibodies for your next discovery!

Abcam's products for Oncology Research

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Autonomous, uncontrolled cell growth and proliferation are the fundamental characteristics of cancer. Find products and resources for your tumor biomarker research.

Abcam's products for Cell Biology Research

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