Innovative identification of the Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis


Colleagues, we have great news!

Our partner, Illumina, Inc., has partnered with genomics company GenoScreen to now offer a comprehensive Illumina and GenoScreen Deeplex® Myc-TB panel for testing antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis.


❗️So, now this solution is also available with us!

Deeplex Myc-TB is the most comprehensive commercial molecular test for TB drug resistance available today! In comparison, culture-based methods require 6 to 8 weeks, and conventional molecular tests have limited ability to detect antibiotic resistance. Combined use of the Deeplex Myc-TB kit and Illumina NGS platforms allows identification and genotyping of strains of the MTBC complex (a complex of the most common tuberculosis pathogens) and determination of resistance profiles to 15 types of antibiotics in just 24-48 hours! Data analysis is performed using the Deeplex® cloud-based web application with results visualization.

By the way, this collaboration was created to accelerate the implementation of WHO's mission to end the global tuberculosis epidemic by 2035.

If you want to purchase a set or get advice from our specialists, contact us in private messages or at the contacts listed below:

☎️ +38 067 442 79 79


P.S. Tuberculosis kills about 1.6 million people worldwide every year. According to the WHO in 2021, approximately 1/4 of all people are asymptomatic carriers of tuberculosis, and 10.6 million have a progressive form of the disease, with up to 500,000 new cases of antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis recorded each year, most of which are associated with incorrectly selected drugs for treatment . Remember that self-medication is harmful to your health!

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