Agilent ZAG DNA Analyzer System

The Agilent ZAG DNA Analyzer system relieves bottlenecks in automated high-throughput DNA fragment analysis workflows. Using parallel capillary electrophoresis, the ZAG DNA Analyzer system can process thousands of DNA fragment samples a day, eliminating bottlenecks associated with agarose gels.

This system is ideal for a range of DNA fragment applications, from basic PCR fragment analysis to microsatellite detection. Minimal sample preparation, automated separation of samples, and the option for continuous operation help keep your workflow moving.

Features of Agilent ZAG DNA Analyzer system

- Fully automated analysis: instrument loads gel, injects samples and collects data

- Fast separations: separate 96 samples in about 20 minutes, <30 minutes, plate to plate

- Instrument capacity: process 96 samples per separation, holds up to 864 samples

- Flexible: holds 2 gel types for easy switching between applications

- Reliable: robust capillary array used for 1000+ injections, all reagents use same capillary array

- Minimal hands-on time: simple instrument set up, reagents stable at room temperature

-  Sample integrity: each sample runs through individual capillary

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Catalog number
ZAG DNA Analyzer System
Properties Value
Weight 68 kg
Dimensions (W х L х H) 63 cm x 59 cm x 82 cm
Line voltage 100-200 VAC
Line frequency 50-60 Hz
Speed 96 Samples per Run