Aspirator with trap flask FTA-1

Aspirator with trap flask FTA-1 is designed for aspiration/removal of alcohol/buffer remaining quantities from microtest tube walls during DNA/RNA purification and other macromolecule reprecipitation techniques.

The device can be used also for routine operations of cells washing from culture medium and resuspension in buffer. Aspirator operation principle is based on creating negative pressure in trapping flask using built-in microcompressor. The collecting tip is connected with polyethylene tube to the trapping flask. Liquid is removed from the microtest tube when the collecting tip touches the solution surface. A tube holder-organizer is conveniently located at FTA-1 right hand side; it accommodates two tubes (e.g. for hydrochloric acid solution and distillate) necessary for collecting tip washing and storing, so that a tip can be re-used.

Suction microbiological hydrophobic filter type 2200/02:

Suction microbiologic filter eliminated risk of contamination with bacteria, viruses and infected particle from patient to suction pump or central vacuum distribution. Suction microbiological filter is hydrophobic with very high bacterial efficiencies up to 99.99999% particles bigger than 0.027 µm (which is smaller than Hepatitis A, B and C).

Applications: Suction filter located behind output of the jar in front of the vacuum source. The filter put on so as the side of filter marked „IN“ was directed to the jar and the side without marked to the vacuum source.

Exchange: The filter is necessary replaced, as it is glazed with dirtiness or by liquid sucked. Maximum using time is 30 days. After ending of suction of infection patient we recommended immediately exchanged the filter. It prevents spread of infection.

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Catalog number
Properties Value
Dimensions (W x D x H) 210 x160 x340 mm
Weight 1.7 kg
Power consumption 3.6 W
Volume 1 litre