Aspirator with trap flask FTA-2i

Aspirator with trap flask FTA-2i is designed for aspiration or removal of alcohol, buffer and liquid from reaction vessels (e.g. during DNA/RNA purification or other macromolecule reprecipitation techniques).

The device can be applied for routine operations of cells washing from culture medium and resuspension in buffer. Aspirator operation principle is based on creating negative pressure in trapping flask using built-in microcompressor. The collecting tip is connected with polyethylene tube to the trapping flask. Liquid is removed from the reaction vessel when the collecting tip is in contact with the solution. A tube holder-organizer is conveniently located at FTA-2i right hand side; it accommodates two 1.5–2 ml tube slots (e.g. for hydrochloric acid solution and distillate) necessary for collecting tip washing and storing, so that a tip can be re-used. FTA-2i is equipped with a level sensor that detects excess liquid with consequential prevention of the overflow by automatically switching off the pump with a sounding alarm indication. The devices comes, as standard, with vacuum regulation control knob that allows to smoothly select a preferable aspiration speed.

Additionally, a hand operator can be purchased for a more comfortable usability of the new accessories (see list below). The autoclavable hand operator features a pressure sensitive button that can control the aspiration speed.

Filtration: Hydrophobic microbiologic filter 2200/02 eliminates risk of contamination from the trap flask by bacteria, viruses and infected particles


Removal and disposal of liquid from various reaction vessels


MA-U universal adapter for 200/1000 μl single use tips


  • HAS-1 Hand operator set
    • 1ch. adapter
      • with ejector for 200 mkl tips
      • with 40 mm stainless steel pin
      • with 125 mm stainless steel pin
    • 8ch. adapter
      • with ejector for 200 mkl tips
      • with 35 mm stainless steel pins
    • Stand SH-6
  • MA-8
    • 8-channel aspiration tip with holder

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Catalog number
Properties Value
Dimensions (W x D x H) 290 ×185 ×390 mm
Weight 1.85 kg
Power consumption 10.8 W
Speed Aspiration speed - up to 10 l/min (air)
Volume 2 l