Automated Cell Counter

The new Automated Cell Counter Luna FL is a benchtop assay platform equipped with state-of-the-art optics, full autofocus, and image analysis software for rapid assessment of cells in suspension. With three-channel flexibility - brightfield and two optional fluorescence channels - researchers can count cells, monitor fluorescent protein expression, evaluate apoptosis, and measure cell viability.

The  Luna FL Automated Cell Counter is accurate, flexible, fast and convenient. Use the Luna FL Automated Cell Counter to eliminate the subjectivity of manual cell counting and user-to-user variability. provides a total cell count, reports viability, and measures average cell size in as little as 35 seconds. Counting speed is identical when using fluorescence channels. The  Luna FL Automated Cell Counter requires no cleaning or routine maintenance. A capacitive touchscreen and simple user interface provides quick startup and requires minimal training.


  • The LUNA-FL™ can count in both brightfield and fluorescence mode, making it our most versatile counter to date.

  • Advanced imaging software and GFP and RFP fluorescence optics sensitively detect fluorescence stained cells.

  •  High-resolution images are captured and analyzed to detect GFP-positive and -negative cells.

  • Fluorescence: 30 s = 3 images captured & analyzed; brightfield: 10 s = 1 image captured & analyzed

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Catalog number
Properties Value
Screen 7" Capacitive touch screen
Dimensions (W x D x H) 22 x 21 x 9 сm
Detection Method Brightfield & 2 user-definable FL channels
Capacity One 2-chamber disposable or 2-chamber reusable slide
Cell Size --
Concentration --
Field --
Input Voltage --