CELENA® S Digital Imaging System

The CELENA® S Digital Imaging System makes capturing high resolution, publication-quality images a breeze. Don’t let its size fool you, the CELENA® S is equipped with advanced precision optics, a highly sensitive CMOS sensor, digitally controlled LED light sources with hard-coated fluorescence filters, and a computer with image analysis software. The sophisticated yet simple software supports multicolor fluorescence imaging, brightfield imaging, phase contrast imaging, live cell time lapse imaging, and Z-stack imaging.

The CELENA® S onstage incubation system can be set up for a variety of live cell imaging experiments in physiological and non-physiological conditions. The gas mixer allows precise control over the composition, humidity, and temperature of the air. The temperature controller heats the plate and lid of the stage incubator separately, for increased control over the temperature of the system as well as preventing condensation formation. 

The CELENA® S makes it easy to set up a time lapse imaging sequence for lengthy cell-based assays, as well as exporting images or creating time-lapse videos complete with annotations.

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