DNA custom oligonucleotides

With over 20 years of experience in oligo synthesis, Metabion can provide you with a full range of DNA oligonucleotides and modifications of highest quality at competitive prices!

Our service at a glance:

  • We provide you with your specified oligos, as well as applying your choice from among a broad range of modifications.
  • You will receive your DNA oligos dry, unless otherwise specified.
  • Synthesis of large-scale DNA oligos is also available. 
  • DNA oligos can be ordered in distinct yield ranges, referring to the range of final yield you will get delivered.
  • All our DNA oligonucleotides are HPLC purified and checked for their quality with Mass spectrometry by default. Only DNA oligonucleotides up to 40 bases can be ordered desalted.

mail To get the price of DNA custom oligonucleotides and professional advice in selection of equipment, please, contact our consultants in any way convenient for you.

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