Suspensions Culture Flasks with Filter Cap or without Filter Cap Greiner Bio-One

Suspension culture flasks complete the range in the sizes of 50 ml, 250 ml, 550 ml and 650 ml. All Greiner Bio-One cell culture flasks are made of high-grade polystyrene.

CELLSTAR Standard Suspension Culture Flasks with Filter Cap or without Filter Cap

  • Hydrophobic surface, ideal for suspension cultures and hybridoma
  • Free of detectable DNase, RNase, human DNA
  • Non-Pyrogenic, non-cytotoxic
  • Graduation on the side
  • Canted neck
  • Easily distinguished by their white screw caps
  • With white standard screw cap with ventilation postion or with filter screw cap
  • TC surface treatment: -/suspension
  • Sterile and user friendly packaging

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Catalog number
250 ml, sterile, filter cap, 5 pcs/bag
650 ml, sterile, filter cap, 4 pcs/bag
50 ml, sterile, filter cap, 10 pcs/bag
690 190
50 ml, sterile, 10 pcs./bag
658 190
250 ml, sterile, 5 pcs/bag
660 190
550 ml, sterile,5 pcs/bag
661 190
650 ml, sterile, 4 pcs/bag
Properties Value
Quantity per bag/case 5 PCS./BAG,4 PCS./BAG, 10 PCS./BAG
Sterile Sterile
Material High-grade polystyrene
Volume 50 ml, 250 ml, 550 ml and 650 ml