SureCycler 8800 Thermal Cycler

This PCR machine can run even the most complex thermal cycling techniques including time and temperature increments, touchdown PCR, and temperature gradients.

Features SureCycler 8800:

  • 12 temperature gradient functionality without sacrificing accuracy or uniformity
  • One instrument that offers both fast cycling (6°C/sec ramp) and large volumes capacity (10-100µL)
  • Modular 96-well and 384-well interchangeable blocks
  • 7' LCD touch screen, with intuitive easy-to-use software
  • Remote access to start, stop, program, and monitor experiments from most web-enabled devices

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Catalog number
SureCycler 8800; Base unit only
384-well module
96-well module
Properties Value
Sample size 10-100 µL for 96-well and 5-25 µL 384-well
Block type Modular 96-well and 384-well interchangeable blocks
Temperature range 30 - 90 °C
Temperature accuracy ±0.2° C °C
Temperature uniformity ±0.4° C °C
Screen Full Touch LCD, 7 in
USB interface 2 Ports
Dimensions (W x D x H) 41 L x 28 W x 27 (38 open) H
Weight 12.4 kg