APOLLO® nitrogen containers

The ideal nitrogen liquid storage and transport container. Available from 50 to 350 litres capacity. Naturally, all products in our APOLLO® series comply with the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.

Use the APOLLO® nitrogen containers for analysis, in cryo mills, cryo saunas, for freezing, in biobanks, or in combination with our BIOSAFE® devices.

The APOLLO® advantages:

  • Integrated safety device on the container neck
  • Vacuum sealing and safety device
  • Smooth-running castors and transport protection frame
  • Separate transport plug with safety device to prevent falling out
  • Pressure display
  • Fill level and pressure indicator
  • EK-Siphon with exhaust and overflow valve
  • Integrated pressure build-up
  • Filling hose (1,5m) with phase separator
  • Transport plug with safety device
  • Cold protection gloves and safety goggles with side protection

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Catalog number
APOLLO 50 1,3 bar
APOLLO 100 1,3 bar
APOLLO 150 1,3 bar
APOLLO 200 2,0 bar
APOLLO 350 2,0 bar