The OriGen TissueVault bag is used for freezing solid tissues and specimens at any temperature, including direct immersion in Liquid Nitrogen.

TissueVault bags are made with matte finish EVO copolymer film.  Bags may be labeled with self adhesive labels or identified with a permanent marker. 

Advantages of TissueVault

  • Thermal: Designed for use in vapor or liquid phase of LN. The TissueVault remains flexible at low temperatures (-196°C).
  • Inert: EVO polymer contains no plasticizers or chemical residuals, and the bag has passed biocompatibility testing per ISO10993. It is ideal for tissue or bone cryopreservation
  • Easy Seal: The TissueVault seals at ~100°C, and is simple to seal with any standard lab pouch sealer. A vacuum sealer can be used if desired. To open the bag after thawing, cut the top seal off.
  • Labels: Labels which will remain adhered to the TissueVault are available.
  • Clear: Although the bag has a matte finish, it has good transparency and it is quite easy to view the sample or read labels inside the pouch.

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Catalog number
4 cm / 19 cm
9 cm / 9 cm
8 cm / 16 cm
9 cm / 18 cm
14 cm / 30 cm
19 cm / 50 cm
19 cm / 36 cm
24 cm / 36 cm
Properties Value
Material EVO
W(cm)*H(cm)*D (cm) Custom sizes and configurations available