Cryo.s tubes with Datamatrix

With Cryo.s with Datamatrix and the accessory racks in 48-way and 81-way formats, Greiner Bio-One expands its portfolio by optimum solutions for semi-automated and automated sample handling and storage.

  • Suitable for storage at -20 °C, -80 °C and in the vapour phase of LN2
  • CE marked (CE/IVD)
  • Ultra-pure medical grade, USP class VI certified polypropylene w/o leachables
  • Free of detectable human DNA, endotoxins, DNase and RNase
  • Non-cytotoxic, no heavy metals contained
  • Robust 2D code
  • Pre-produced codes off the shelf or customised sequences on demand
  • Durable and resistant datamatrix codes (type ECC200) with Reed-Solomon error correction
  • All datamatrix codes tested for readability and quality according to AIM guidelines for direct part marking
  • Accessory 48way rack (SBS/ANSI-format) and 81way rack (133 x 133 mm)

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Catalog number
122 263-2DG
2 mL Cryo.s with internal thread. 500 per box
123 263-2DG
1 mL Cryo.s with internal thread.500 per box
126 263-2DG
2 mL Cryo.s with external thread. 500 per box
127 263-2DG
4 mL Cryo.s with external thread.300 per box
Properties Value
Available volumes of tubes 1 µl, 2 µl, 4 µl
Cover thread type Available with ‘internal’ and ‘external’ thread closures
Type of marking of the tubes Robust 2D code Datamatrix
Material PP
Cover colors available Natural, additional colours on request
Type of tube bottom Round bottom