Microplate Photometer HiPo MPP-96

Microplate Photometer HiPo MPP-96 is a compact tabletop device for measuring the results of ELISA and microbiological studies in 96-well microplates. Photometer is controlled and outputs data via computer. The device is supplied with specialized software QuantAssay.

Microplate Photometer HiPo MPP-96 is compatible with IDEXX xChekPlus software.

Features of QuantAssay software:

  • ELISA assays of any complexity can be carried out via robust assay editor with help of Assay Wizzard
  • Quantitative assay includes up to 20 standards
  • Avidity/Affinity assays
  • Multiplex assays with up to 7 assays on one plate
  • Qualitative assay includes up to 11 controls
  • BestFit function for selecting the best calibration curve
  • User friendly interface: get your results in 3 clicks
  • Save, load and export results
  • Creates visual reports

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Catalog number
Properties Value
Weight 4.6 kg
Detection Sources 8 silicon photodiodes
Block format 96-well microplates (including strip-well microplates)
Dimensions (W х L х H) 140 х 300 х 130 mm