GEN-IAL® First Magnetic Food Kit


GEN-IAL® First Magnetic Food Kit is developed for DNA extraction from food with a pipet robot. It is especially approved for very complex and highly processed products with very small DNA fragments, which are not bound on columns.


  • All food and feed especially
  • highly processed products: e.g. starch, lecithin, soyasauce, tomato puree
  • beverage source materials: e.g. concentrates, fruit puree
  • dairy products: e.g. milk and milk products
  • feed: e.g. forage cereals, spent hops (treber), fattening feed
  • fruits: fresh and deep freeze fruit, fruit drinks


The method is based on biomagnetic separation of genomic DNA. After preparing the lysate, the DNA is bound to magnetic beads. The rest of cell material and other contaminants is washed away. The isolated DNA is eluted by heat in TE or H2O.

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Catalog number
FMF 0100
100 samples