Simplex® Easy Wine Kit

The GEN-IAL® Simplex® Easy Wine Kit is an extremely fast and easy method for isolation of DNA from bacteria and yeast out of wine. It is particularly suitable for the detection of wine spoilage microorganisms like e.g. Dekkera bruxellensis, Oenococcus oeni or lactobacilli.

DNA-extraction in 6 steps:

  • Centrifuge sample
  • Purify sample by washing (removal of inhibitors)
  • Remove the washing solution after centrifugation
  • Add lysis buffer Incubate sample at 95°C
  • Centrifuge sample

Advantages of the kit:

  • DNA-extraction in one single reaction vessel
  • No inhibition by washing the sample
  • No contamination risk
  • High efficiency
  • No loss of DNA Fast and easy handling
  • Long storage of DNA
  • Universal applications
  • Low material and instrument costs

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Catalog number
100 samples
additional 100 sample wash solution