EZ DNA Methylation-Gold Kit

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Format: 96-Well (Deep), 2x96 rxns
Format: Spin-Column, 50 rxns
Format: Spin-Column, 200 rxns
Format: 96-Well (Shallow), 2x96 rxns
Format:Magnetic Beads,4x96 rxns
Format: Magnetic Beads, 8x96 rxns

The EZ DNA Methylation-Gold Kit is a refinement of our popular EZ DNA Methylation kits. These products consolidate DNA denaturation and bisulfite conversion processes into one step, leading to a much faster bisulfite conversion.  This is accomplished using temperature denaturation instead of chemical denaturation which is used in the original EZ DNA Methylation Kit. Also, the EZ DNA Methylation-Gold Kits have been streamlined for high yield recovery of DNA following bisulfite treatment. Recovered bisulfite-converted DNA is ideal for PCR amplification for downstream analyses including endonuclease digestion, sequencing, microarrays, etc.

The EZ DNA Methylation-Gold Kit:

  • Complete bisulfite conversion of GC-rich DNA in less than 3 hours.
  • A coupled heat denaturation/conversion reaction step steamlines the conversion of non-methylated cytosines into uracil.
  • Desulfonation and recovery of bisulfite-treated DNA with a spin column.
  • Recovered DNA is ideal for downstream analyses including PCR, endonuclease digestion, sequencing, microarrays, etc.

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Properties Value
Required Equipment Thermocycler with heated lid, heat block or water bath and microcentrifuge.