Pipette non-filter tips, Capp

Manufactured on superb quality, Swiss made injection molds, both Expell and ExpellPlus racked pipette tips offer universal compatibility with great majority of pipette brands on the market.

To support a wider range of applications, Capp tips are available in different lengths within the same volume range. Capp racked pipette tips come in autoclavable racks, packed in user friendly and space saving dispenser boxes (see picture below). Each box includes 10 racks (8 racks for 1mL tips). Made of virgin polypropylene, all Capp racked pipette tips are RNase, DNase and Pyrogen free certified. The ExpellPlus racked pipette tips have unique low retention properties, reducing sample binding to minimum and significantly improving your pipetting results. Available as filter and non-filter tips, in sterile and non-sterile versions.

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Catalog number
Expell 200 µL, 10x1000 pcs/bag
Expell 10µL, hinged racks, 5x10x96 pcs
Expell 1000 ul (1250ul), 5x1000 pcs/bag