Capp filtered pipette tips

Capp ExpellPlus filtered pipette tips are of Premium Quality, offering dimensional consistency, great finish, flash-free orifice and crystal clarity. Designed to prevent cross contamination on critical applications such as in the field of Molecular Biology, or Clinical and Life Science.

Capp barrier pipette tips are RNase, DNase and Pyrogen free certified and crystal clear. The filters of ExpellPlus barrier tips are made of pure HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and are free from any cellulose additives. They are 3-4 times smaller than by many other brands of filtered pipette tips, making ExpellPlus barrier tips the perfect choice within the field of molecular biology. Capp pipette filter tips are universally compatible with the majority of pipette brands. The volumes up to 300µL of ExpellPlus barrier tips are low retention, resulting in extremely low binding properties.

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Catalog number
10 мкл,стер.,96 шт/штатив, 10штат/уп, 5уп/кор
20мкл, стер.,96шт/штатив, 10штат/уп, 5уп/кор
100мкл, стер.,96шт/штатив, 10штат/уп., 5уп./кор
200мкл, стер.,96шт/штатив, 10штат/уп, 5уп/кор
1000мкл, стер.,96шт/штатив, 8штат/уп, 4уп/кор
10 мкл,стер., 1000 шт/уп, 20 уп/кор
20мкл, 1000шт/уп, 10уп/кор
100мкл,1000шт/пак, 10пак/кор
200 мкл, стер., 10x1000 шт./уп.
1000 мкл (1200 мкл), 10x1000 шт./уп.