ARCTIKO low-temperature freezers are designed for long-term storage of samples at low temperatures from -40 ° C to -86 ° C in the field of biology, medicine, biotechnology, and electronics. The compact size of ARCTIKO low-temperature chamber saves space it will fit under any standard height table in your lab.

The original cooling technology ensures superior temperature uniformity and outstanding cooling performance that will preserve precious DNA / RNA samples, plant, animal and human tissues, bacterial cultures, competent and stem cells, pharmaceuticals, and other materials.

Main advantages:

• Outstanding cooling performance with the true and unique single cooling system and natural refrigerant with ultra low GWP (Global Warming potential);

• Single Compressor Technology with a simple structure ensures easy maintenance, lower heat dissipation, low energy consumption and noise reduction for a pleasant work environment;

• Heated door frame prevents ice from building up around the gasket securing a stable and uniform temperature inside the freezer;

• Built-in CO2 backup controller system for extra security for your valuable samples;

• Intuitive and informative display;

• Remote controller system can be additionally installed;

• Low energy consumption made possible with ECO mode and ultra-efficient Vacuum Insulated Panels;

• Self-diagnostic function to guarantee that your alarm system is always working correctly.

ARCTIKO upright models:

1. ARCTIKO ULUF P10® - capacity 7 liters.

2. ARCTIKO ULUF 15® - capacity 7 liters

3. ARCTIKO MUF 40® - capacity 35 liters

4. ARCTIKO ULUF P50® - capacity 50 liters

5. ARCTIKO ULUF 65® - capacity 54 liters

6. ARCTIKO ULUF P90® - capacity 88 liters

7. ARCTIKO ULUF 125® - capacity 94 liters

8. ARCTIKO ULUF 450-2M® - capacity 393 liters.

9. ARCTIKO ULUF 750-2M® - capacity 642 liters.

Chest freezers:

1. ARCTIKO ULTF 80® - capacity 71 liters.

2. ARCTIKO ULTF 220® - capacity 189 liters.

3. ARCTIKO ULTF 320® - capacity 284 liters.

4. ARCTIKO ULTF 420® - capacity 368 liters.

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