Inteliwasher 3D-IW8 series microplate washer is designed for washing various types of standard 96-well microtitre plates, microstrips as well as microarrays on FastFRAME (rectangular well shape). It is suitable for washing wells with different bottom shapes: flat, U-shape and V-shape. The unit is fully programmable ensuring multi-step solution ripening, aspiration (aspiration, combination of  aspiration/liquid dispensing and soaking, as well as soaking cycle during a particular period of time). Dispense system of liquid dosage for each channel separately.

The unit provides:

  • Washing mode
  • Rinsing mode
  • Mixing mode
  • Single point, two point, circular (circle or rectangular path) aspiration
  • Possibility of additional solution mixing during time gap between two work cycles
  • Possibility to use microtest plates by different manufacturers, ensured by automated plate set up (adjusting to different depths of plate wells)
  • Round-bottom plate and strip washing mode
  • Possibility of user-defined programs with adjustable parameters

The unit has 50 programs divided into 5 following aspiration categories (see figure leftward):

  • Type 1 (1.0–1.9) IPF96 U/V is intended for round and V-shape immunoplates, 1 point aspiration.
  • Type 2 (2.0–2.9) IPF96 FLAT-2 is intended for flat-bottom shape immunoplates, 2 point aspiration.
  • Type 3 (3.0–3.9) IPF96 FLAT-C is intended for rectangular shape immunoplates, full-circle aspiration direction.
  • Type 4 (4.0–4.9) FastFRAME-2 is intended for multi-slide plate* with rectangular wells.
  • Type 5 (5.0–5.9) FastFRAME-C is intended for multi-slide* plate with rectangular wells.

* - The FastFRAME (Schleicher&Shuel) multi-slide plate or analog plate of another manufacturer, that is compatible with standard 25 x 76 mm (1 x 3 inch) glass slides.

The unit is designed for use in closed laboratory rooms at temperatures from +10°С to +35°С and relative humidity up to 80% at +25°С decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 35°C.

4-channel washing solution weight logger, 4 CHW Logger provides automatic control of rinsing solution and waste volumes. The washer shows remaining volume for each bottle as percentage and gives a warning message in case of low solution volume or full waste bottle when 4 CHW Logger is connected.

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Catalog number
Properties Value
Sample capacity, wells Number of wells washed simultaneously-8
Screen LCD, 8-line
Dimensions (W x D x H) 375 х 345 х 180 mm
Weight 9.9 kg
Reaction speed Aspiration/dispensing speed - 3 levels
Time Time of one plate wash (300 μl), not more - 45 s