Fragment Analyzer ™ system

The Fragment Analyzer ™ system is a parallel capillary electrophoresis instrument, which performs DNA QC and RNA QC for a broad range of samples including, gDNA, small RNA, cfDNA, large DNA fragments, and total RNA. The diversity of sample types these systems can separate make these instruments ideal for individualized workflows, including NGS library QC and CRISPR workflows.

Fragment Analyzer ™ systems performs reliable quality control for a range of applications, including NGS libraries, allowing:

  • Quality control of NGS libraries (100-6000 bp) and DNA fragments (50 to 1500 bp)
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of long NGS libraries (up to 50 bp)
  • Quality control of gDNA for full genome sequencing, metagenomics and analysis of large structural variants (from 75 bp to 60 bp)
  • Quality control of mRNA, total RNA and in vitro transcribed RNA for qPCR, NGS, microarray analysis and Western Blot.

Analysis capabilities of Fragment Analyzer ™ is for use with microsatellites or other common repetitive sequences, restriction enzyme digests,  PCR amplicons, supercoiled and linear plasmid,  DNA fragments etc.

Key features of Fragment Analyzer ™:

  • Separate 96 samples in parallel in as little as 15 minutes
  • See clear results with separation resolution as good as 3 bp
  • Available various length of capillaries - 22, 33, 55 cm
  •  Reliable automated data analysis in ProSize™ software

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Catalog number
5200 Fragment Analyzer
5300 Fragment Analyzer
5400 Fragment Analyzer