Labaqua Trace, ultrapure water system

Labaqua ultrapure systems are multi-purpose water purification systems. The Labaqua systems produce ultrapure and pure water directly from tap water.

Labaqua Trace produces water with very low organic carbon (TOC) content meeting requirements of liquid chromatography methods. Labaqua Trace water can also be used for some microbiological and molecular biology applications.

Any configuration of a Labaqua ultrapure system produces both ultrapure and pure water. Ultrapure (Grade 1) water is dispensed through the point-of-use filter on the front panel. Pure (Grade 2) water is dispensed directly from the storage tank.

With resistivity of 18.2 Mega — Ohm*cm (0.055 μS/cm) ultrapure water produced by a Labaqua system exceeds requirements of all relevant standards (ISO 3696 Grade 1, ASTM Type I, CLSI Type I). Purified water is collected in a storage tank. An integrated recirculation system ensures consistent quality of water and reduces total organic carbon (TOC) to very low levels: <2ppb. Pure water produced by the Labaqua systems complies with the requirements of ISO 3696 Grade 2 water and can be used for labware washing, wet chemistry methods, flame spectrophotometers, etc. The dispense rate of ultrapure water is 2 L/min. Whereas the dispense rate of pure water is 4 L/min.

All Labaqua systems have a controller with a graphic LCD display for water quality indication. The LCD display provides all necessary information about system status, as well as the remaining pre-filter life and deionization (DI) module performance. The smart DI module monitoring system also provides a reduction in running costs. A user is instructed to replace the DI module only when the module is near the end of its service life.

All cartridges and filters are easily accessible and no tools are required to replace them. The Labaqua system can be installed on a laboratory bench or mounted on a wall.

The Labaqua has important safety functions:

  • Tank filling control
  • Tap water pressure control
  • Protection from tank sensor failure

The Labaqua systems include:

  • Boost pump
  • Pre-filter set
  • Reverse osmosis module
  • Deionization module
  • Final stage polishing module
  • 25L storage tank with an integrated Grade 2 dispensing pump
  • Recirculation system


And also a choice of one of three modules:

  • Labaqua Trace - Point-of-use microfilter
  • Labaqua HPLC  - Point-of-use microfilter, Integrated TOC monitor
  • Labaqua BIO - Point-of-use ultrafilter, UV sterilization module

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