The EZ-Vac vacuum Manifold simplify nucleic acid purification workflows.

The vacuum manifold allows researchers to simplify their nucleic acid purification workflows further by eliminating the need for multiple centrifugation steps and disposal of flow-through from collection tubes. The EZ-Vac vacuum Manifold features durable chemical-resistant construction.

The EZ-Vac vacuum Manifold is capable of processing up to 20 samples simultaneously using vacuum pressure.

The One-Way Luer-lock stopcocks are compatible with most Zymo Research spin-columns and individually controlled, allowing users to process as little as one sample at a time.

Composition: The Ez-vac vacuum Manifold consist of a linear, low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) manifold body, one-way Luer-Lock stopcocks made of a polycarbonate body and polypropylene handle, a polypropylene vacuum ho connector and a neоprene stopper.

For Indidvidual Sale:
yes One-Way Luer-Lock Stopcock - S7001
yes Neopren Stoper - S7002

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Properties Value
Required Equipment A vacuum pump, ideally capable of 400 mm Hg producing at least pressure at the vacuum manifold
Compatibility with Research most Zymo nucleic acid purification kits.
Samples capability to 20 simultaneously